Amethyst Women's Circle
Krystle Brewer and Tammy Steward
Krystle Brewer, Executive Director of OVAC (left), speaks to OCCC First Lady Tammy Steward
Sherry Howell and Tabitha Narvaiz
Hostess and founding Amethyst Women's Circle member, Sherry Howell (left), speaks to Tabitha Narvaiz, OCCC Special Assistant to the President
(Front row L-R) Evelyn Schaefer, Janet Perry, Tammy Steward, (Back Row L-R) Laura Ketchum, Tabitha Narvaiz, Angie Clayton, Vicki Tri, Mina Acquaye, Joyce Mauldin, Christie Burgin, Sherry Howell and Tiffini Tomlinson
Joyce Mauldin and Mina Acquaye
(L-R0 Joyce Mauldin and Mina Acquaye are founding members of the Amethyst Women's Circle
Christie Burgin and Janet Perry
(L-R) Dr. Christie Burgin, OCCC Regent, surveys the delightful food with Dr. Janet Perry, OCCC Director of Institutional Effectiveness
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Amethyst necklace
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Jennifer Harrison, Mina Acquaye, Joyce Mauldin, Debbie Self, Sherry Howell
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Vicki Tri and Sherry Howell
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Jennifer Harrison, Sherry Howell, Mina Acquaye, Joyce Mauldin, Debbie Self
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Judy Williams, Tiffini Tomlinson and Brandi Johnson
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Mina Acquaye and Vicki Tri
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Mina Acquaye
IMG 8912
Terri Cornett speaking to the Amethyst Women's Circle
IMG 0164
L-R Kathy Williams and Judy Williams
IMG 0161
L-R Mina Acquaye and Madison Schultz
IMG 0156
L-R Evelyn Schaefer and Mark Tomlinson
IMG 0155
L-R Kathy Williams and Judy Williams
IMG 0154
L-R Terri Cornett speaking to Amethyst Women's Circle members
IMG 0025
- L-R Tiffini Tomlinson, Judy Williams, and Terri Cornett
IMG 0010
Laura Ketchum addresses the Amethyst Women's Circle members and guests
IMG 0028
L-R Kathy Williams, Mark Tomlinson, Taylor Tomlinson, Tiffini Tomlinson, Judy Williams, Madison Schultz, Vicki Tri, Janet Perry, Mina Acquaye, Laura Ketchum, Joyce Mauldin, Christie Burgin, Sherry Howell, and Terri Cornett
IMG 0160
Tiffini Tomlinson provided a beautiful feast for the Amethyst Women's Circle
IMG 0149
L-R Madison Schultz, Tiffini Tomlinson, and Vicki Tri